"Drew has devoted his entire life to pursing, promoting and preserving the blues, its artists and industry. I first came to know Drew in the 90’s when as a teenager, he came to me for mentoring. I found Drew to have an unlimited amount of energy and inspiration as he would participate in session co-production and any possible thing he could do to further the blues. Now some 25 years later Drew’s energy remains unwavering."


"Drew is allowing the Blues to tell its story and nobody is doing this anymore. We can’t forget our traditions, stories and history. There are not many outlets for artists to talk about the Blues so I hope the community supports Drew and his special program that is keeping the Blues Alive."


Drew Verbis is a radio presenter, musicologist and accomplished photographer. He is the host of the popular radio series Blues America which is syndicated on PRX and the Pacifica Networks Audioport. The former Mississippi resident is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma and a United States Navy expeditionary combat veteran who served two deployments in Afghanistan (2010, 2013) with NMCB 133. He is the former booking agent and manager for Blues legend Louisiana Red and has worked behind the scenes in support of the Blues for 20 years; much of which with his mentor and close friend, Bob Corritore.  Drew has produced records for R.L. Burnside, Louisiana Red and the last album released by the great late Robert Lockwood Jr. He also contributed to the last album released by Mojo Burford. Drew has been present at recording sessions in Phoenix that included some of the best known players of the genre including Little Milton Campbell, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie Shaw, Sugaray Rayford, John Primer, Henry Gray, Nappy Brown, Bob Stroger, Tail Dragger John Brim, Honeyboy Edwards, Lazy Lester and many more. 


From 2003-2005 Drew hosted the radio series, Blues and Beyond which aired on NPR affiliate KJZZ, 91.5 FM (Phoenix) where he worked as a fill-in broadcaster for 9 years. During this time he interviewed BB King, Jimmy Smith, Ruth Brown, Marian McPartland, Ben Harper, Jr. Wells, T-Model Ford, Robert Belfour, JJ Grey and many more. He has also been a host on KFNX 1100 AM (Phoenix) and reported for the Armed Service Broadcasts.

Drew is the co-founder of the Chico Chism memorial studio, a voting member of the Recording Academy (awards the Grammy), a board member of the Southwest Musical Arts Foundation and the Phoenix Blues Society. His photography has appeared in magazines, newspaper articles and many CD's. 


WPVM, Asheville, North Carolina (103.7 FM)
KCMJ, Colorado Springs, Colorado (93.9 FM)
CJMP, Powell River, British Columbia,(90.1 FM)
KRWV, Phoenix, Arizona (99.3 FM)
KWRK, Fairbanks, Alaska (90.0 FM)
GCR2, Global Community Radio (web)
WGRN, Columbus, Ohio (94.1 FM)
WLSL, Saint Leo, Florida (92.7 FM)
WRST, Oshkosh, Wisconsin (90.3 FM)
WWLR, Lyndonville, Vermont (91.5 FM)
WXDR, New Orleans, Louisiana (98.9 FM)
WXIR, Rochester, New York (100.9 FM)
WYAP, Clay West Virginia (101.7 FM)​​​​​​​

WAUP, Waupaca, Wisconsin (99.1 FM)
HVRF, Sutton, Alaska (89.5 FM)
KBPX, Spokane, Washington (91.1 FM)
WCLM, Richmond, Virginia (1450 AM)
KYAQ, Toledo, Oregon (91.7 FM)
KMRE, Bellingham, Washington (102.3 FM)
WOOL, Bellows Falls, Vermont (91.5 FM)
KPSQ, Fayattevell, Arkansas (97.3 FM)
KCOR, Prairie Village, Kansas (web)
MDOR, Spartanburg, South Carolina (web)
KVGD, Goldendale, Washington (100.1 FM)
WRVR, Royalton, Vermont (96.5 FM)
WGMC, Rochester, New York (90.1 FM)​​​​​​​


West Valley View Newspaper:

"For Drew Verbis, this is work. It’s not twiddling the knobs or playing the discs, although that is part of it, it’s the expert knowing, and the loving of blues music that’s his job."


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2017 - Liner Notes
John Primer and Bob Corritore
Ain't Nothing You Can Do
Delta Groove Music

2010 - Photography
Bob Corritore
Harmonica Blues
Delta Groove Music

2009 - Assistant Producer
Various Artists
Blues On My Radio
SWMAF Record

2007 - Photography
Various Artists
House Rockin'
Blue Witch Records

2005 - Cover Photo
Louisiana Red
No Turn on Red
HMG Records

2004 - Associate Producer
Robert Lockwood, Jr.
Legend Live
M.C. Records

2003 - Producer
Louisiana Red

2004- Cover Design
Chief Gilliame
Snakes Crawls at Night
Random Chance Records

2003 - Associate Producer
R.L. Burnside
No Monkey's On This Train
HMG Records

2001 - Photography
Various Artists
Rhythm Room Blues
Hightone Records

1999 - Photography
Bob Corritore
All-Star Blues Sessions
Hightone Records


1999 - Photography
Mojo Buford
with Bob Margolin
Champagne & Reefer
Fedora Records

Reference - All Music Guide​​​​​​​


Joint Region Edge Newspaper:

“My keys to success are urgency and self-motivation,” Verbis said. “Just because the Navy gives you a rate that doesn’t mean you can’t learn other jobs or do an important collateral duty. If you know how to do your shipmates job it makes you more valuable and its fun. Urgency is very important especially on a deployment because there is only a short period of time to make a lasting impression. The Navy will ask you to do jobs that suck but like all things, it doesn’t last forever. So look at the bigger picture and stay positive.”


2016 Luke AFB, Arizona - NOSC PHX

2015 NAF Naples, Italy – NPASE-W

201section4 DET Elmandorf, Alaska – NPASE-W

2014 DET Granby, Colorado –NPASE-W

2013 NAS Coronado, California - NPASE-W

2013 Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan – NMCB 133

2012 Camp Shesectionlby, Mississippi – NMCB 133

2011 Camp Covington, NBG, Guam – NMCB 133

2010 Gulfport, Mississippi - NMCB 133

2010 Kandahar, Afghanistan – NMCB 133

2009 Sheppard AFB, Texas - DET Sheppard

2009 RTC, Illinois - DIV038

"The difficult we do all at once -

the impossible takes a bit longer."